Solve your sex problems with Congo dust in New York/London/New Jersey/Tokyo +27634299958

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Congo Dust | solve penis enlargement problems +27634299958 Pretoria Johannesburg Polokwane Durban Cape Town.
A sex enhancing drug from the Democratic Republic of Congo has hit several highway towns , can drive up to six hour's plus can prolong an erection for up to an hour if applied correctly. You just take a pinch and rub it at the tip of your organ at least 30 minute's before being intimate then you will start feeling itchy around your organs and it will look swollen. You know it’s working when you start feeling some heat down there. When that happens you can have a session that lasts up to an hour before you ejaculate. A sachet can be used for four or six month's depending on the size of the organ.” I have been in South Africa for a lon

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